Evangelism Explosion is a ministry that trains people how to share their faith in Christ and how to bring people from unbelief to belief. It utilizes a variety of components including prayer, actual on-the-job training where experienced trainers lead the inexperienced students, and the principle of spiritual multiplication.

On-the-job training is another vital ingredient. The students actually goes out with experienced trainers in real life witnessing situations, they will in turn learn how to share their faith. Much like learning to fly an airplane would be impossible without actually getting in the cockpit.   Similarly, evangelism is difficult without leaving the confines of a classroom.

By learning small parts of the Gospel each week, including Bible verses and illustrations, the students will incrementally grasp a Gospel tool that is expected to become a lifelong mission.

The School of Evangelism at Abundant Life Assembly meets every Thursday at 5:45 p.m. for lectures and on-the-job training. This training lasts for thirteen weeks and culminates with a final checkup and graduation.

  • Equipping Laypeople
  • Witnessing as a Way of Life
  • Making Friends
  • Sharing Your Testimony
  • Asking Diagnostic Questions
    • Grace
    • Christ
  • Screening the Contacts
  • Launching EE in Your Church
  • Calling for Commitment
  • Discipling New Believers
  • Enlisting and Enlarging
  • Handling Objections.
  • Stationery used by students:
    • Training Notebook
    • Gospel presentation on CD
    • Set of learning cards
    • Textbooks